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My goal is to contact other researchers in the History of Photography.


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After a career in the Financial Services Industry in London, Melbourne and Hong Kong, I retired in 1994 and took up the study of Art History at the University of Melbourne. In 1996 I received a Graduate Diploma in Arts, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in 1997. In 2001 I received a Doctor of Philosophy - Arts, in the School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology. The title of my dissertation was Making Pictures: Australian Pictorial Photography as Art 1897-1957


I am currently doing post-doctoral research in the same general area as my thesis, concentrating on early twentieth-century Australian photography.

But first, here's a link to a few pictures of my own.


And here are my pages:

 About my Thesis

 The Photograph as Record

 Early Wild Life Photography

 Travel and Tourism

 End Notes 

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